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September 22, 2013 “ Ron Meyers and the Usual Suspects”

In September of 2011 while sitting with Ron on his back porch sipping bourbon, swatting skeeters and reminiscing about our 45 year friendship he happened to mention that people had started to refer to the imagery on his work as “the usual suspects”. I premiered my documentary “Archie C. Bray Jr. : Life at the Brickyard” back in 2008 and wanted to make another film , this time staring Ron. When I heard that phrase, the usual suspects, I realized that was the perfect title for the new documentary. After a few more Dickels he agreed with my plan.

Ron has been an inspiration for the clay community through the years and continues to be one of our leading potters and heroes. Given his importance, it is odd that little has been done to publicly document his contribution to the ceramic arts. As one of Ron’s first students in 1967, I am honored to have had the opportunity to remedy that oversight.

In 2012 I hired Matt DeGennaro who had just finished “World’s Smallest Airport” in Athens, GA. We began filming in August at Ron’s cottage and studio in Wide Beach, New York. After attending to my studio commitments I returned to Athens in November to complete filming and editing. By December “Ron Meyers and the Usual Suspects” was a finished film. In April of 2013 at Ron’s Retrospective in Arkansas I premiered my film at the Arkansas Art Center Museum in Little Rock. The GA. premiere was in Athens at the Georgia Museum of Art in September. His Retrospective had moved to the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art in Demorest, GA. where in late September I showed my documentary in conjunction with the closing of his show.

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